We develop Sectorial Solutions for many Organizations.

... for example, if it is about Public Administration,
Logistics / Ports and Warehouses,
Associations, Members and Users
or Schools...

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Sectorial Management Software

 proposed by MinimalAltoga


Sectorial Modules that complement the Universal Modules


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Introduction to Sectorial Management Software


Our Management Software is very flexible and configurable and is therefore transversal and works in many different organizations, sectors and countries. Modules are therefore universal. Thus they are Universal Modules.


However, over time, we have developed specific Sectorial Management Software, of which we highlight:


 • Public Administration

 • Auto Centers

 • Logistics / Ports and Warehouses

 • Associations, Partners and Users

 • Schools.


These are sectors in which the alliance between the specific know-how enclosed in our ERP and the long-time experience of our Consultants in these sectors can add much value to our Customers.



Note that, for actual Solutions, Sectorial Modules complement the Universal Modules which, given their nature, are applicable to all Sectors. For instance, as for a Solution for Ports, in addition to specific Sectorial Modules of Ports, areas such as Accounting, Treasury, Human Resources and many others will use the respective Modules, which are Universal.



M710 - Ports / Logistics - Business / Proposals



M720 - Ports / Logistics - Planning



M730 - Ports / Logistics - Dock Operations



M740 - Ports / Logistics - Stocks / Parking






Another important aspect is that Sectorial Solutions that have many local specificities must be identified and parameterized, which makes the implementations of such Modules more time consuming and requires greater involvement of our Consultants.


A typical case is the one of Public Administration, which varies widely depending on the types of Organisms and Countries. In the case of Ports, the relationship with Customs (for which we provide facilities that can be real-time) also varies widely. Concerning Associations with Users and whose Social Services have a Social nature, there are important relationship specificities with the State that also vary widely from country to country.


In short, when it comes to Sector Modules it is necessary to analyze each case separately and carry out a survey along with a detailed specification of the facilities to be parameterized.


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