The administrative time spent in Organizations
is not limited to Invoicing, Accounting and Payroll.

In Communication and Support, Customer Service,
Follow-up and Control spend most of that time.<

... save time and improve in quality
with some of the Modules listed below.


Communication & Support

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Institutions and People



Communications and General Support



M340 - Time & Tasks / Time Sheets



Essential for planning and controlling Times of People and Equipment.


The time of People is often the most expensive resource.


Has it been well used?


You would like to know the time spent by People in the various Processes to Optimize Time and Reduce Costs and Improve the Performance of Your Organization?


What about Equipment, how have they being used?










M350  - Cloud Customer Services / Helpdesk

The Internal Helpdesk enables you to centralize the support to employees in the performance of their tasks. Can also be used as Suggestion and Complaint Boxes and much more.


Externally, it enables Cloud Customer Services for both Customers and Citizens in General, from Post-Sales support and General Assistance to the interaction of Citizens with Public Bodies.


For example, it supports traditional IT Helpdesk, Customer care, Care Services in general, care of Citizens allowing them to put their questions to the Municipality / City, a Department of Lost and Found, etc.


Essential for the ISO 9000:2008 Quality Certification.




M505 - Document Management on the Web

Good Document Management is increasingly essential to modern Organizations.

This Module allows you to set up and manage a General Archive Organizer and Document Integrator and thus add a lot of value to the Organization.

And being on the Web makes all the difference - it's available anytime, from anywhere, to anyone who's authorized.

This Module focuses on Document Item Records to which Documents and Files (and other objects) are attached, whether scanned in the Cloud or in other forms elsewhere.

Documental Items are organized in Folder Structures, in Files.

Documental Items may be associated with Administrative Proceedings, records of treatments given to the Documents.

And with this, it is also easier to meet the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality requirements.






M510 - Office & Document Management

You can start out with Office Incoming and Outgoing Items only.


Then you can implement tracking of Internal Circulation of Documents, including Administrative Acts thereon.


Acts as Administrative Reviews and Information on the Documents, determination of Procedures to be followed, Approvals and Orders in general.


And you can also implement the Document Scanning and if you want, the end of Paper Circulation.


And always fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards..











M520 - Management of Libraries / Titles

Many Organizations keep libraries even if only for magazines and technical books to support their activity.
And there are, of course, more traditional libraries, e.g., School Libraries.
With this Module you can manage Libraries and Titles in general, from the Thematic Organization to the Registration of Titles, their connection with Authors and others, their Circulation and Loans.






M530 - Quality Management

It is up to the Quality Management Systems (QMS) to ensure that there is compliance in Processes, Products and Services considered critical to the Organizations.

Conformity between what exists and happens, and what was established and should exist and happen. And, in case of nonconformities, contribute to solve them.

For this purpose, this Module supports a General Repository of Information and Documentation on Business Processes and related Entities, Objects and Events.

It also supports the specific and documentable treatment of Events such as Meetings, Decisions, Plans, Objectives and Goals, Communications, Testing, Calibrations, Complaints, Nonconformities and Audits, as well as Items whose compliance should be analyzed by the QMS, and other attributes of the Entities, or characteristics of Products and Services.





M535 - Evaluation of/by Trd Parties


Running after the ISO 9000:2008 Quality Certification?


This requires your Organization to be assessed by Third Parties, and Third Parties to be evaluated by your Organization


Third Parties who may be Customers and Suppliers, but also others whom your Organization deals with. You can count on this Module for that.









M500 - Notes, Subjects and Tasks


Benefit from a type of Controlled Communication in accordance with the ISO 9000:2008 requirements.


It's not like ordinary e-mails whose subjects are scattered throughout mailboxes and cannot be either rebuilt or audited.


Rather, everything is centralized in a database accessible as a whole by whoever is authorized to do so.


There is also a Shared Electronic Notebook so that what is relevant to the Subjects and Tasks at issue can be registered.  



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