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Financial Area

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Financial Area


M240 - Treasury Management


Controlling Receipts and Payments, Bank Reconciliation and the money to be used in the future?


Accounting Treasury Movements automatically?


This Module meets all these needs in a simple and effective way.


Includes the Record of Receipts and Payments and the subsequent control of current and provisional availabilities.


The financial future of your Organization can be checked broken down per Account, Third Party and Contract.


Also includes, among other facilities, Transactions with Banks and Transfers of Funds, the Issuance of typical Treasury Documents and Bank Reconciliation, which can be automated.


M210 - Commercial and Tax Documents


All Business Documents and Billing treated in a single Module?


Record, issuance and handling of Internal Documents, Our Documents to Third Parties and all sorts of Third Party Documents?

This Module includes the automation of the reflexes of Documents particularly on Accounting, Checking Accounts, Budget, Treasury, Fixed Assets and Stocks / Inventory, as well as the provision of productivity tools such as the Association of Documents in Chains and the Transformation of Documents.

It is sufficient to support Billing unless the country concerned requires specifically certified Modules for that purpose, cases in which their respective extensions must be subscribed.


M280 - Contract Management


The Contract is a dimension that runs through our entire ERP. It is in the Commercial and Fiscal Documents, in the Treasury Movements, in the Human Resources, in the Accounting Imputations, being one of the dimensions of Accounting, in the Operational and Support Areas, in Sectorial Solutions, etc.

Therefore in the majority of the Modules you can register and access Contracts. But this M280 Module goes further and aims at Contract Management itself.

More than a legal document, the Contract is here seen as a concept and a management tool to frame business operations. In many companies they are called "Processes", in the sense of Subjects organized in Folders. In this Module, these "Processes" can be treated as "Contracts".

It helps to manage Business Operations, registering its Scope, Third Party / Stakeholders, Principle, End and other dates, Values, Responsible, Objectives, Topics, Events, Documentary Items, Products, Connections and Own rules among others. When there is a place for the Issue of Contracts, it can be automated.

It also helps control renewal processes, update prices and contractual guarantees. The various associated Validity Periods. Controlling Costs and Income, Returns, Financial Flows and Associated Quantities.




M270- Fixed Assets Management


The treatment of Fixed Assets is often overlooked in Organizations.


The Legal / Accounting / Tax Treatment of assets, the History of associated Events, their Tracking and their integrated Administrative and Technical Management can be easily obtained with this Module.

Includes registration, depreciations / amortizations, deductions and revaluations and their automatic accounting reflexes; the record of Events in General associated with the assets, Transfers and the association of Miscellaneous Values; Inventory of assets along with their Operating Conditions.

Optical or RFID Treatment and tracking of assets with mapping via Google Maps are also available.



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