One possibility is to start out with more autonomous
and fast to implement HR Modules,

such as Performance Evaluation, Management Training,
Web-Based Time, Vacation Management...

… and then, once experience is acquired, you can advance
to all the remaining Modules, seamlessly.


Human Resources

for all Organizations


Management Software proposed by MinimalAltoga

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Human Resources


M420 - Record of Human Resources


Think it is essential to keep the Records of Employees and other Collaborators up to date and accessible anytime from anywhere?


This Module is the answer.


As it is Web-based, it can be accessed through the Employee Portal, which is an additional guarantee that the data will be kept updated.


M421 - Time, Accesses and Schedules


Why not waving the use of traditional and costly equipment and use this Module  to have control of the Employees Times as well as other accesses?

As well the registration of task times?


A simple, effective and economic control, over the Web

You can view attendances in real time. Messages can be introduced at the Times. It just takes any device with Web access, even a mobile phone.

You can also benefit from this Module by integrating it with traditional devices such as the biometric ones, RFID and others. 



M422 - HR Monthly Inputs


Want a Portal designed for Monthly Inputs required to payroll processing and attendance?


Want to work in a technologically centralized though functionally decentralized way, i.e., near the operations?


In which even the Employees themselves may enter some types of records and justifications to be validated by their Heads of Department by implementing an agile and cost reduction Self-Service?




M423 - Travels and Allowances


Many difficult Travels to manage?


Besides the treatment of associated Allowances, keep also the record of information and events relevant to travels.


For example, routes, schedules, places to stay, tickets, traveler's document data, visas, vaccines and others, insurances, procedures in emergency situations, reservations, group composition, contacts and others.




M440 - Recruitment


Want to have an Online Base of Applications?


Keep an updated Base of Information on Applicants/Candidates and Applications as well as have a computer application to support Recruitment Actions and their Selection Processes throughout their phases, including Evaluations / Assessment of Applicants?


With this Module you can even use the Portal we provide for applications on the Web.


And the communication process with applicants can be streamlined not only via this Portal but also with the issuance of emails and automatic letters.



M450 - Performance Evaluation


Want to Evaluate Employees so as to have a practical base for incentives, enforcement of authority and adjustments of payrolls?


Or to meet legal requirements?


The measurement of both individual and team performances, the identification of the Employees’ potential skills, the determination of improvement / training needs are essential to a good Management.


As it is Web-based, everything is made easier, from the self-assessment of the Employees to evaluations carried out by Evaluators, which can be taken in the Application itself.


The use of paper may be even waved if desired.




M460 - Training Management


Which are the Training Needs of the Employees and Collaborators of your Organization?


How to Plan Training, Follow-up Training Actions, and Control Resources and Costs implied in Training?


Training Courses and Actions, Events, Applications, Attendance and Evaluation Records, Resource Allocation, Consumptions and Training Costs are treated in a simple and effective way by this Module on the Web.


M470 - Occupational Medicine


Many Medical Exams to keep track of and report?


This Module enables the registration and control of the information related to Occupational Medicine, including the record of the Employees’ Health Status, Occupational Diseases and Work Accidents.

Enables the management of Medical Examinations employees have been submitted to or are planned as well as Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases along with all the Events (Hospitalization, Insurances, Authorities at issue, etc.) associated with them.







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